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Outdoor cooking

Beloved hospitality and catering concepts at the barbecue and grill ring of Artola, We believe that it is the fire that brings people together outdoors. Fire provides heat to prepare meals. Fire keeps people warm and creates a cozy atmosphere. Above all, fire reaches through the heat of people and awakens their fascinating desire to reconnect with themselves and with others.

"Fire kindles the spirit of being together."


Barbecue or BBQ

Popularly we pronounce it as Barbecue, however there is often a reference to the American writing method bbq, however we write it it remains a fantastic experience to prepare the way food!

Grill ring and barbecue in one

The Artola Fiq is a Grill ring and BBQ in one! you can bake and grill on the edge and choose the grill plate for barbecuing or cooking meat in the middle, and you can also exchange the plateholder with a wok ring to start wok cooking on the Barbecue! everything is possible.
Looking for a barbecue or grill ring in the showroom?
It is possible to come to us as a private individual to look at the different methods and products for the barbecue, we have the models and can explain how they work.
Ultimately, the chosen product is delivered through a dealer of ours.
Barbecue or Grill ring on installment and lease
It is possible to pay your purchase in parts, by this method you can realize your entire outdoor kitchen for a small amount per month as you want and pay a small amount per month, so you can enjoy immediately and you have money left for other projects or wishes.

We look forward to seeing you in our showroom!


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