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Chimney for pelletstove

  AAA-Eco B.V.     21-09-2020  

Chimney for pelletstove A pellet stove is actually an automated version of the wood stove. The pellet stove ensures that the ideal oxygen / fuel ratio is realized until the room is at the right temperature. The fuel of a pellet stove consists of small wood chunks, called wood pellets. Although the automated combustion process is supported by a so-called chimney gas fan, it is still a combustion process based on solid fuels. This means that a pellet stove must be used to extract chimney gases. When choosing a pellet stove, several factors must be taken into account. We are happy to advise you in the construction of the pellet stove exhaust   Connecting the pellet stove The pellet stove must be connected to a correct chimney. A correct chimney means that it is suitable for burning solid fuels. Connecting the pellet stove is therefore done with a...

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Double wall chimney

  AAA-ECO B.V.     16-07-2020  

Double wall chimney You are looking for a wood stove, pellet stove or perhaps a garden fireplace. In order to connect the stove correctly and safely, the quality and composition of the double-walled chimney is the highest priority. Also note that each country has its own regulations for connecting chimney pipes. In this article we would like to take you through the chimney options and requirements. Install the chimney for a stove If you want to have a chimney installed, it is first important to take the building decision with you. It states that there is an essential difference between firing on solid fuels (e.g. wood stoves, pellet stoves) and firing on natural gas (gas stove, gas fireplace). In this article we mainly limit ourselves to firing on solid fuels. If you would like to know more about heating on other fuels, we are of course...

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Buy a pellet stove at AAA-Eco's

  AAA-Eco B.V.     09-07-2020  

AAA-Eco B.V. is your supplier for Dielle pellet stoves in the Netherlands, among others. A pellet stove is characterized by the automation of a traditional wood stove. You set the desired temperature after which the pellet stove determines how much fuel and oxygen is needed for the combustion process. This ensures that the emissions from the pellet stove are many times lower than from a wood stove. And you also enjoy the convenience that a pellet stove is equipped with a fuel reservoir and that you are not constantly dragging logs. What advantages does the Dielle pellet stove offer? The pellet stoves of AAA-Eco B.V. distinguish themselves from the standard pellet stove. The bottom feed system of the Dielle pellet stove provides the necessary benefits. We would like to list the advantages again: Quiet flame picture, even in low...

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Pelletstove with bottom feeding

  AAA ECO BV     30-06-2020  

Pelletstove with bottom feeding Most pellet stoves work with a burner tray and that works quite well in itself, due to the deposit in the burner tray you occasionally have to clean the burner, say every two days. To counter this, many systems are made to take this maintenance off your hands, such as a scraper or a tilting tray. If you then look at the bottom feeder, nothing needs to be cleaned since the burner automatically cleans from below when the pellets are supplied. the maintenance interval can be up to 4 weeks before you need to clean. Pellet stove standby Due to the unique system of the Dielle bottom feeder, the entire burner will not have to be burned empty when the pellet stove is extinguished. With the Dielle bottom feeder, the supply of pellets stops and ash residues will cover the burner and the glowing mass. This allows you to restart immediately...

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  AAA ECO BV     10-03-2020  

Pelletstove The pellet stove, you have heard a lot about it! Good and less good stories about installations, but the most important thing that is talked about is the emission of a pellet stove. Pelletstove with low emissions A pellet stove fires cleaner than any stove on solid fuel, because the technology of a pellet stove ensures that combustion is always correct! The amount of fuel and the amount of air supply are perfectly composed by a computer which calculates exactly how much heat you need to get the perfect temperature in the living room. Pelletstove with bottomfeeding system Then we look at technology, the technology of a pellet stove also ensures even better combustion. The Dielle pellet stoves are all equipped with a patented bottom feeder, this system ensures that the fuel is preheated first, which benefits the degassing process,...

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The heat pump. What is it and how does it work?

  AAA ECO BV     01-03-2020  

The heat pump. What is it and how does it work? Heat pumps transfer heat by circulating a substance, a coolant, through a cycle of evaporation and condensation. A compressor pumps the coolant between two heat exchanger coils. In one coil, the refrigerant is evaporated under low pressure and absorbs heat from its environment. The refrigerant is then compressed on its way to the other coil where it condenses at high pressure. At this point it releases the heat it has absorbed earlier in the cycle. Examples of heat pumps in everyday life Refrigerators and air conditioners are both examples of heat pumps that only work in cooling mode. A refrigerator is essentially an insulated cabinet to which a heat pump system is connected. The evaporator coil is in the box, usually in the freezer compartment. Heat is absorbed from this location and transferred outside, usually behind or below...

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Artola Fiq grillring and barbecue

  AAA ECO BV     20-02-2020  

Artola Fiq grillring and barbecue Artola and the Artola Fiq Grillring It all happens in the fiQ Circle. Here the modularity of fiQ helps you to transform your backyard, terrace or other outdoor environment into your personal one outdoor living space. In the fiQ Circle, your guests and yourself forget their daily worries and enjoy themselves with a heartwarming outdoor experience. The possibilities with an Artola fiQ Barbecue and grill ring It is your outdoor experience, It is your fiQ. The fiQ modular concept offers a wide range of interchangeable and complementary products you can configure your fiQ to your own taste. Do you want to entertain family and friends in your backyard? Or are you preparing for that special event? fiQ adapts to your way of living outdoors. De circle of the Artola Fiq grillring Step inside the fiQ Circle and feel at...

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Insert fireplace for C/H

  AAA ECO BV     10-02-2020  

Insert fireplace for C/H Information about the insert fireplace for central heating Wood stoves with central heating connection have the two perfect elements: cosiness and sufficient heat. By means of a heat exchanger you can heat the entire house with your wood stove. This can be done with a soapstone fireplace, a fireplace and a built-in or lift-door fireplace. The following fuels can be fired with these fireplaces: wood, pellets and briquettes. Safety wood stove central heating Install the wood stove on central heating Connecting the wood stove central heating to your central heating cannot simply be done, many people think that a radiator can simply be removed from the house and the wood central heating can be connected to it. This is absolutely not the case and perilous 1 liter of water is 2000 liters of steam, try to squeeze that through a small...

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Pelletstove with three-sided glass

  AAA-ECO B.V.     10-02-2020  

Pelletstove with three-sided glass The Maestrale is the world's first pellet stove with 3 sides of glass and also in one piece! Thanks to its patented bottom feeder, the fire is beautiful and nice and quiet, plus the advantage that maintenance can be delayed up to 4x longer than with a normal pellet stove. Because new pellets push the ash residues over the edge, blockages of the burner tray are therefore completely past. Curious about the operation, take a look at this pellet stove at one of our dealers.

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Soapstone pelletstove

  AAA-ECO B.V.     10-02-2020  

Soapstone pelletstove The new soapstone pellet stove from the brand Dielle provides a completely new experience in pellet stove land. By using their patented bottom feeder, there is an attractive quiet but also large fire in the stove. In addition, maintenance is no more than emptying the ash drawer because the bottom feeder cleans itself. Enjoy the soapstone because here you can distribute the heat evenly without having to use the convection fan too much. These Dielle soapstone pellet stoves are available in 6,9 and 12kw.

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Dimensions of the pelletstoves

  AAA-ECO B.V.     10-02-2020  

Dimensions of the pelletstoves The pellet stoves come in many different sizes, but what is very important is the number of kW or also called power of a pellet stove. Most pellet stoves have an average size of 55x55 and a meter high. This is because in addition to a beautiful combustion chamber in the pellet stove, there is also a stock of pellet tanks. Smallest size pellet stove It is always good to see if it can be smaller, but then take the smaller the stove, the less space for parts, so often the more sound. This does not always have to be the case if minimum values ​​have to be met. Feel free to ask us about the small models of pellet stoves Which dimensions are more important? In addition to the pellet stove itself, it is also good to have the dimensions of the flue correct. Make sure that a pellet stove may not be connected to the facade, but that it...

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