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AAA-ECO Single wall chimney

The single-walled chimney is used in the same room where the appliance (wood stove or pellet stove) is installed. Please note: when you leave the room, you should switch to a T600 double-walled flue that is also fire-resistant.

If you use a single-walled fluepipe for a pellet stove, it must be completely closed. This is achieved with the use of silicone sealing rings. You will find these single-walled chimneys in the dimensions 80mm and 100mm in color or blank stainless steel. The single-walled stovepipes have the mandatory T600, EN1856-1 quality mark. When using the silicone sealing rings, the duct is provided with the EN 1856-2 (T200) approval.

Single-walled flue dimensions

The single-walled fluepipes of AAA-ECO B.V. are available in different sizes. On our website you will find the dimensions: 80mm, 100mm, 130mm, 150mm, 180mm and 200mm. Are you looking for a different size? Call us or visit our showroom (Raalte, Overijssel).



Quality of the single-walled chimney range

AAA-ECO B.V. supplies single-walled stove pipes and single-walled pellet pipes in stainless steel, stainless steel. Characteristic of these single-walled stovepipes is the wall thickness. Normally you will find the size 0.4 in the inspection. This means that the wall of the channel is 4 tenths thick. The range of AAA-ECO B.V. is characterized in a wall thickness of 5 tenths. You can feel that the channel feels firmer and more solid. Curious? Feel free to visit our showroom to 'experience' this.

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