A unique opportunity to offer your visitors the possibility of disinfection. Wash hands, think about hygiene and also your marketing? it is possible with the AAA ECO BV Here4Clear pole disinfection. With the built-in tablet you can show the customer your company film or, for example, show the map or other information on the terrace.

Here4Clear Disinfection pole range



469,00 *

367,00 *

Price per stuk

Here4Clear Basic Desinfectiezuil


222,00 *

Price per stuk

Here4Clear Muurdispenser


69,00 *

Price per stuk

Here4Clear Bureau dispenser


57,00 *

Price per stuk

The advantages of the AAA-Eco Here4Clear disinfection pole

The disinfection pole as a marketing purpose

The Here4Clear Advanced is standard equipped with an intercommunicative integrated multimedia tablet that is placed at the top of the pole. For example, you can always inform the customer about, for example, the house rules, but you can of course also use this digital space to display offers and other marketing purposes.

Here4Clear disinfection pole with the technology of tomorrow

If you are looking for an opportunity to regulate your visitor flows in your store or on your site, the Here4Clear Premium disinfection column is the perfect solution.
The Here4Clear Premium disinfection pole is standard equipped with a countdown system, number display system and a number dialing system. You set how many visitors are allowed to enter your building or site at the same time. When a visitor leaves the premises or grounds, you can operate it remotely with one click. When your building or site has reached the maximum number of visitors, the Here4Clear Premium disinfection column sets an automatic queue.
In addition, the Here4Clear disinfection pole is of course equipped with the disinfection options. So you offer your visitors disinfection options and at the same time you regulate your visitor flows according to the applicable regulations!

Here4Clear desk- & walldispencer

In addition to the range of disinfection poles, AAA-Eco B.V. offers of course also desk and wall dispensers. These models have a small height of 25 cm and offer you the opportunity to offer your visitors or employees, for example, disinfection options in an elegant and discreet manner.

Disinfection pole with a range of options

AAA-Eco B.V. offers different variants in the field of disinfection poles. In addition to the poles, we also offer the desk variant and the wall variant. All products from the AAA-Eco B.V. Here4Clear range is standard delivered with soap dispenser excluding content. It is also possible to provide the disinfection columns with an adjustable glove unit. Look at the different products for the possibilities.

Here4Clear Basic

The Here4Clear Basic consists of a pole with a dispenser. An effective and efficient way to provide the customer with the appropriate means of disinfection before the customer enters your shop or terrace.

Here4Clear Advanced

The Here4Clear Advanced comes standard with a tablet for promotional purposes. In addition to offering a disinfection option for your visitors, you can also effectively offer your company and / or various products.

Here4Clear Premium

With the Here4Clear Premium disinfection pole you get a product that meets all requirements. This column offers the standard possibility to start working with a countdown system and / or number picking system. When your store has reached the maximum number of visitors per m2, the column will automatically set up a queue. It is therefore no longer necessary to keep track of this manually and via additional personnel. When one customer leaves, the next customer is allowed back into your shop or terrace by means of a digital signal.

This allows you to provide current information to your customers at all times to ensure the safety of the customer and your staff.


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