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Chimney parts

In the field of waste materials you are at AAA-ECO B.V. at the right place. We provide double-walled flues, single-walled chimneys and more. Do you not see your desired type of flue pipe in our range? Please call us or visit us in the showroom (Raalte, Overijssel) for free advice.

Regulation of the chimneys

The fluepipes that you have at AAA-ECO B.V. ordered meet the highest standards for the use of solid fuels. The channels are standard inspected according to the EN 1856-1 (T600) inspection. If you use silicone sealing rings in the single-walled channel, the EN 1856-2 (T200) approval applies.


High insulation density in your flue gas outlet

The double-walled chimney range of AAA-ECO B.V. characterized in the density of insulation. The channels are in fact certified with a G50 standard. This means that the insulation around the double-walled fluepipes is pressed with a higher density than standard double-walled flue (G70 standard). The G-size on a fluepipe translates into the distance to flammable parts. This also means that you are using the AAA-ECO B.V. can be fitted with a narrower fire-resistant cove than with regular double-walled flues.

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